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julie from my house asks: Does Devan Love me?
kimmy from Princeton asks: does Jeremy love me or is he just fooling around??
mandy from Princeton asks: Does Rod love me or is he just fooling around??

Sarashay answers:If you have to ask, he's probably just fooling around. Thanks for your question.

Tammy from Home asks: Where can I DL or print a user manual for a Oregon Scientific PDA 256?

Sarashay answers: According to the Oregon Scientific website, downloadable user manuals will be available Real Soon Now. Thanks for your question.

jen from uk asks: I would like to know how i can write to marion jones and Maurice Greene, and where to. PLEASE answer me!! im from england

Sarashay answers: Exactly how is really up to you--pen and paper, word processor, postcard and marker, whatever floats your boat. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any actual addresses to write to. Professional runners tend to be pretty hard to catch up with, y'know. Thanks for your question.

Nobody from Nowhere asks: What was the original working title of the Beatles song, Yesterday?

Sarashay answers: I'm not exactly an uber-scholar on Beatles trivia, mind you, but even I know this one. It was "Scrambled Eggs". Thanks for your question.

shamagosha from minnesota asks: which way do you run a ceiling fan in the summer time clockwise or counter clock wise?

Sarashay answers: When the hell else would you run a ceiling fan, anyway? In winter? Anyway. Most ceiling fans I'm acquainted with run counterclockwise. It might be different in Australia; I'm not sure. Thanks for your question.

row from monroe asks: i want to know if i can here billie jean song by micheale jackson

Sarashay answers Well, as long as your ears are working there's nothing really stopping you. Check your local thrift shop for a copy of Thriller--I'm sure they have them there by now. Thanks for your question.

hAllo from france asks: WOT IS MY NAME? HaaaaaaaaaaLOOOO

Sarashay answers: Hallo's your name. (But, who's your daddy?) Thanks for your question.

bitch from DENMARK asks: Y ARENT U TALKING 2 US?

Sarashay answers: Because phone calls to Denmark are way too expensive. Sorry about that. Thanks for your question.

ca-ca, bubz and bum from australia ask: how cool are we?

Sarashay answers: With names like that, you couldn't be any cooler. Thanks for your question.

jon from CT asks: what will happen if I take Caprylic Acid intramuscularly?

Sarashay answers: I dunno, but it sounds pretty painful to me. Thanks for your question.

eileen from 905-somewhere-or-other asks: how much vertices does a pentagonal pyramid have?

Sarashay answers: How much? Couldn't tell you. How many? Twenty, I think. Thanks for your question.

Curious... from Chicago area... asks: When, given the opportunity, you look into the stars at night... What is it that you're feeling?

Sarashay answers: Believe it or not, I still have a compulsive tendency to wish on the first star I lay my eyes on. The fact that quite a few of these wishes have actually come true tends to encourage me. I find that wishes (whether on birthday candles, stars or coins in fountains) are at the very least a good way to get in touch with your passions and give you a feel for what you really want, instead of what you feel vaguely obliged to want. (If you're reluctant to wish for it, that's a hint that maybe you don't really want it.) I also find, spookily enough, that the universe will actually listen and answer. So if I'm feeling anything, I'm concentrating on my heart's desire of the moment, the one thing I'm aching for, trying to phrase it in a way that won't be too karmically disastrous. Thanks for your question.

Erika from N. las Vegas asks: If you have 3 apples and you take away 1 how many do you have?

Sarashay answers: Well, if I'm the one taking it, then I guess I still have three apples, I just have two in one place and one in another. Unless I wind up eating the apple I take, in which case I'll have two. Actually, right now I have four apples, they're sitting in a bowl next to the Paul McCartney action figure on the dining room table and I should probably throw the things out since they've been sitting there since last year. Want one? Thanks for your question.

Fulfilling my obligations from Planet Claire, probably, asks: your name? your favorite color? (Sorry. I HAD to do it.)

Sarashay answers: No, you didn't. No, really, you didn't. Besides, you forgot to ask me what my quest was. My NAME is Sarashay, it's the only name I'm answering to here. My QUEST is to amuse myself and others with this web page. My FAVORITE COLOR is blue. Thanks for your questions.

Joel from Seattle and LA asks: Are u single?

Sarashay answers: Well, in a way we all are, aren't we? As Elizabeth Cady Stanton put it--"And yet, there is a solitude which each and every one of us has always carried . . . more inaccessible than the ice-cold mountains, more profound than the midnight sea; the solitude of self. Our inner being which we call ourself, no eye nor touch of man or angel has ever pierced. It is more hidden than the caves of the gnome; the sacred adytum of the oracle; the hidden chamber of Eleusinian mystery, for to it only omniscience is permitted to enter." By that definition you could say that I'm single, as is every other soul on the face of this earth. Thanks for your question.

Yououghttaknow from space, man, space asks: In the light of Ortega y Gasset's discovery of life as radical reality, is any form of ontologism sufficiently radical?

Sarashay answers: Hmmmmm. Probably not. Thanks for your question.

Darling from Boston asks: Do you think that boys have whore radar? I ask this because I know this girl who is marginally attractive, albeit having a lazy eye, and who is quite slutty. For some reason, all men fall at her feet. (including my ex boyfriend who slept with her last night). Now is it the fact that men think she's always looking at them cos of her eye or is it simply because she's a whore?

Sarashay answers: I think this question begs a few questions of its own. For one, what exactly do you mean by 'whore'? Do you mean in the sense that she takes money for sex? Or that she just has a great deal of it? And if she's a whore for sleeping with all these guys, what exactly does that make the guys who are sleeping with her? (I think men tend to be bigger whores than women if you take it in the latter sense, but that's a whole other rant.) Having not met this girl nor seen her in action, I can't be sure exactly what it is she does, but I suspect her way with men has something to do with the way she presents herself as someone who is, shall we say, open for business. Men don't really like getting shot down, so they tend to head in the direction of where they can expect acceptance and (ideally) some nookie. Yes, this is, of course, a ridiculously broad and sweeping generalization and naturally does not apply to all men. But it applies to enough men to be visibly noticable. I don't think men have whore radar as much as they have whore radio--they'll lock in on signals that say "Sure, I'll boink ya." (whether by dress, attitude, talk or reputation.) If you really want to send out those sorts of signals, I'm sure you could get a whole stack of men to fall at your feet, but this brings on a whole other question which you'll have to answer yourself--given where these boys have been, do you really want them in the first place? Thanks for your question.

David from Birmingham, AL asks: Why are women, in general, so obsessed with shoes? I've watched, on several occassions, how women interact, not just with each other, but everyone, and they pretty much all go about the same routine when meeting someone for the first time. First, they'll make eye contact with the person they're meeting then step back and wait for the person, male or female, to look the other way so they can glance down at their shoes! It's amazing how many women do it! What's up with that?

Sarashay answers: I was going to answer this question by saying that I don't do that, but, now that I think about it, it's entirely possible that I do. I learned something of the power of shoes when I invested in a pair of black patent leather high heels. They were like sportscars for the feet--sleek and fabulous to look at if not altogether comfortable to be in. Some women, it seems, get addicted to the new-fun-toy sensation that comes with a new pair of really cool shoes, and constantly purchase more shoes to sustain it. Me, I'm wearing the same thrift-store Fila sneakers five days out of the week, so I don't really know much about that. I do know that you can tell an awful lot about people by their shoes--how much fashion vs. comfort means to them, how much money they are likely to lavish on their personal appearance (and, from that, how much money they have to spend in general), how outlandish or conservative their tastes are or even how tall they actually are as opposed to how tall they may seem to be. Someone who wears $200 magenta vinyl platform boots has a whole other set of priorities than someone who wears $8 plain black Chinese flats. True, you can pick up these cues from the whole outfit as well, but the shoes can be especially revealing. Try it sometime--have a look at people's shoes first (try this on a bus or something, where nobody's making eye contact anyway) and see what your assumptions are about them. Then have a look at the rest of them and see how close your guess was. Even if you're dead wrong, you may well be surprised at how many details your brain can come up with just based on a pair of shoes. Thanks for your question.

Darling from Boston asks: Why do boys lie?

Sarashay answers: Because they have the silly idea in their heads that they can get away with it. At first I thought maybe boys lied for roughly the same reasons girls do--to avoid confrontations and other unpleasantness. Then somebody pointed out to me that boys lie for the same reasons they hate to ask for directions--because they hate to lose face, to admit that they are either ignorant or at fault. This is why boys will bullshit for days about things they are utterly ignorant of, rather than just come out and say that they don't know what the hell they're talking about. This is probably why they get so squicked out about uniquely feminine things like menstruation and childbirth--it's something they'll never fully understand and cannot even claim to do so, ergo they don't want to talk about it. But back to lying--basically they do it because they don't want to look bad about anything, no matter how bad they're being. Thanks for your question.

Sarashay Dreaming from Atlantaland asks: What the hell are you trying to do with this silly thing anyway?

Sarashay answers: I'm forever talking to myself anyway, so it seems vaguely appropriate that my first question should come from me. For me, this silly thing is practice for everything from HTML to my typing skills, but mostly it's an exercise in thinking creatively in front of an audience (as anonymous and distant as said audience may be.) For others, I hope, it will be a source of entertainment and maybe even some kind of enlightenment, depending on how cleverly I manage to answer things.

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