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I still don't write these questions, I just answer them.

Olivier from asks:
What is Love to you?
Sarashay answers:Love is knowing people as they truly are and still wanting to be with them. Thanks for your question.

Lady Stardust from fifth planet from quazar asks: how do I get home

Sarashay answers: Turn left at Betelguese. Or maybe call a cab. Thanks for your question.


Sarashay answers: Happiness is a warm puppy. Thanks for your question.

j from houstion asks: question and answer about federal reserve

Sarashay answers: No, no, no, no, no. You ask the question; I supply the answer. I'm not picking up your slack and coming up with a question. That's your job. Try again.

sunless disaster from utah asks: how do you remove sunless tanning lotion?

Sarashay answers: Soap and water should usually do it. How to remove the tan, well, I guess just wear long sleeves and hide for a while until it fades. Thanks for your question.

ayviezy from here asks: what is the most important info a girl needs to know about a guy before they get married?

Sarashay answers: Whether or not she can stand to live with him for the rest of her natural life. Thanks for your question.

avz from: Washington asks: How much do you get paid for this?

Sarashay answers: Paid? Are you kidding? I don't get paid anything for this, which would explain why I can get so slack about answering questions (see below.) Thanks for your question.

ng from washington asks: do you really answer anything?

Sarashay answers: Eventually, yes. Thanks for your question.

ME from computer asks: how is teenage life different from Adulthood

Sarashay answers Generally, you're saddled with all the responsibilities of being an adult, but with all the restrictions of still being a child. It sucks, but it's not permanent. Thanks for your question.

Crystal from School asks: Is Teenage years the hardest part in life?

Sarashay answers: Absolutely. (See previous question.) But, fortunately, they only last a few years. Thanks for your question.

anthony from ireland asks: what is a process technician

Sarashay answers: Um, someone who does technical things about, er, processes. Okay, so I have no idea. Try a search engine instead of a silly web page. Thanks for your question.

name: drüzakilia from the northern land of spirits asks: who invented time and why can't we turn it back???

Sarashay answers: Time was invented by Herbert Q. Bonthrop, back at the Dawn Of Time, as a means of keeping everything from happening at once. Originally, it was designed to be reversible, but things got so complicated with so many things being done and undone and redone that it was eventually fixed to run on one direction only, and has done so ever since. Thanks for your question.

Jae from New Jersey asks: How did the custom, of a man taking his hat off when he walks into a building, begin?

Sarashay answers: Wow. That's a really neat question. I don't have an answer off the top of my head (sorry) but I'll have to look that one up. Thanks for your question.

melee from office asks: why does barking a tree kill it?

Sarashay answers: Well, peel off a significant section of your skin and see how well you do. Thanks for your question.

Zidane "Jessica" Tribal from School, Social Studies per. 8 asks: The Dragonslayers and I are in critical and dire circumstances - we hear that the Highlanders are after us and have covered up the murder of two of our last generation members. I'm not sure how to squeeze out of their debt! Can you possibly help us? Honest to god, we need help....

Sarashay answers: Um, have you considered contacting the authorities? Thanks for your question.

Samuel from Illinoi asks: Does the female body have one less rib than the males?

Sarashay answers: It's a popular myth that it does, it's a medical fact that it does not. Thanks for your question.

Phil from Minnesota asks: At what temp will beer freeze?

Sarashay answers: To borrow a line from John Taylor, that's a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string?" It depends on the alcohol content of the beer, the container it's kept in, the density of non-beer matter and so on. Since you live in Minnesota, I'm sure you can leave a six-pack on your back porch in the winter and find out for yourself. Thanks for your question.

lisa from va asks: how do i locate a list of soldiers from world war one

Sarashay answers: I suggest putting an ad in your local paper. "Wanted: one list of soldiers from World War I. Any reasonable price paid." Or check thrift shops. You never know what you can run across. Thanks for your question.

Jeeves from Sweet Valley asks:Why am I the vice principal yet I get stuck with principal duties?

Sarashay answers: Because with a name like Jeeves, they'll expect you're the sort who takes care of everything. Thanks for your question.

tiffy from n.y asks: name some black famous people in the 1920-1930

Sarashay answers: Louis Armstrong is the first name that springs to mind. Beyond that, I am sadly stumped at the moment. Thanks for your question.



wes from st.louis asks: where can i find vcr codes for universal remotes

Sarashay answers: Lurking somewhere inside the VCR. Thanks for your question.

bob from cardiff asks: what is the answer to life love and the universe?

Sarashay answers: Forty-two. Oh, wait, that's life, the universe and everything. But that's probably close enough. Thanks for your question.

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