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This page was established on a public terminal in the Decatur library of the DeKalb County Public Libraries. Public web access is way nifty. Next thing you know, there will be crazy homeless people with home pages. "I may not have a home, but at least I have a home page!"

I've taken my addy off the page 'cos I'm sick of all the spam. If you have something to say, use the guestbook below.

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House of Sarashay

Hello and welcome to the home page of the irrepresible Sarashay, bohemian at large. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a drink and have a seat. After about a year of hanging in limbo, this page will now actually be a little more active now that I have neat and nifty ways of editing pages offline. The first result of these HTML experiments is Sarashay's Rock 'n' Roll Adventures, a chronicle of my evenings and weekends when they're worth writing about (and sometimes even when they're not.) Updates may be a little scattershot, as the more stuff I have to write about, the less time I have to write it. The other is Ask Me Anything!, an attempt at taking the interactivity that the Web provides and having a little more fun with it. Click on the links below to start the fun.

Sarashay's Rock 'n' Roll Adventures!
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Sarashay's Site of the Mo'

Or, Where I've Been Spending Way Too Much Of My Time Lately


Somewhat in the spirit of The 24-Hour Plays (in which eight short plays are written, cast, rehearsed and staged in the space of twenty-four hours), this site is the headquarters of National Novel Writing Month. Every November, people all over sit down and try to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. Word has spread all over the internet and now participation has gone from a few hundred to thousands. It's also gone global, but IntNoWriMo doesn't roll off the tongue as easily. Anyway, I've actually signed up for it, so I'll be popping up there regularly letting people know how it's going and stuff. If you're the kind of writer who has a novel in you that you keep putting off, here is the place to get it out of your system.